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New Earth Acupuncture Clinic Acquires Chinese Acupuncture Clinic of Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks, Calif., March 1, 2007—New Earth Acupuncture Clinic recently acquired Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, which for nearly 20 years served the community of the Canejo Valley.  Now, New Earth Acupuncture Clinic will continue caring for the community by helping patients balance their body through the holistic approach of Chinese acupuncture and herbs.

“I have seen Chinese acupuncture grow in popularity over the years in the Canejo Valley,” says Dr. Wan, a licensed acupuncturist and founder of Chinese Acupuncture Clinic.  “Now that I am retiring, I am thrilled that someone like Dr. Yang of New Earth Acupuncture Clinic is going to continue to serve the health needs of the people of this community with acupuncture and herbs.”

New Earth Acupuncture Clinic was founded by Zhihong Yang, L. Ac, Ph.D.  Dr. Yang grew up around Chinese medicine and patients.  Her grandfather was a Chinese medicine doctor in China and her father also learned from him.  Dr. Yang continues to study privately under Dr. Chen Chao, age 80, who applies a balanced approach to treating the root cause of a condition. 

“My practice is founded on getting to the root cause of a patient’s condition and then balancing the organs of the body to treat it,” says Dr. Yang.  “I do this by checking the patient’s blood pressure and then looking at the patient’s tongue to see which organs are week or too strong.  This determines how the patient’s QI (“chee”), or life energy, is flowing within the body.  Any imbalance among the organs can be the root cause of a condition.  The key is to have all organs working in harmony, which is what Chinese acupuncture helps achieve.”

Patients who come to Dr. Yang at New Earth Acupuncture Clinic can also benefit from treatments that apply the strong technique of I-Ching to balance the body.

“I-Ching acupuncture was developed by Dr. Chen.  It is different than ordinary acupuncture because it uses minimal needling with rapid results,” says Dr. Yang.  “It applies anatomical correlation, where each correlation gives balance to the other.  For instance, if we treat the knee, it balances the elbow. There is an energetic correlation between all parts of the body like internal pathways connecting organs to channels.  In the I-Ching balancing method, one needle is often used to balance the energy of the opposing area, which produces immediate relief of the stagnation or pain.”

About New Earth Acupuncture Clinic

NEW EARTH ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC uses the holistic approach of Chinese acupuncture and herbs to treat a wide variety of chronic conditions.  The clinic’s goal is to help patients achieve a balanced state that will lead to an optimal quality of life.  Services include: Acupuncture; Acupressure and Tuina; Chinese Herbs and Nutrition Consultation.


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